Vancouver Chamber Choir visiting Edmonton and Pro Coro

After we had just finished singing our concert with Pro Coro Canada, someone from the audience came up to me, thanked me, and then remarked on how much I was smiling. I thanked her for coming, and let her know the reason I was smiling so much was that the two singers from Pro Coro standing on either side of me both had voices that could only be described as gifts from God, and I had an absolute blast singing with them.

Here I am standing with some dear old friends who sing with Pro Coro. The lady to my right and I were in National Youth Choir together in 1996.  We did the math and figured that we have known each other for 18 years (obviously the years have been kind to both of us ). 


 Being that I am from the Prairies myself I should have expected this, but the hospitality that the folks from Edmonton showed us was totally above and beyond. It started with an Indian meal. I thankfully succeeded in not spilling vindaloo sauce all over myself.

Even though we had to be up very early to catch a bus to Saskatchewan, we didn’t want the evening to end and had difficulty saying goodbye to our new friends.

A few of us went to ‘La Ronde’, the revolving restaurant on the 24th floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel. The view was spectacular!! I felt like I could see forever… almost to Vancouver. We had such a great time. At the end of the evening in the elevator, Gordon, one of our tenors, “accidentally” leaned into the call buttons which made us stop on each of the floors on the way down. We laughed all the way home.

I was really excited to meet Sable because she writes a blog that I have been following for years: It turns out that her blog has just been nominated for a social media award in Edmonton, and I really hope that she wins. Every choir geek out there will love it!

© Michael Zaugg 2019