Happy New Choral Season

Happy New Choral Season!

There have been changes. After much discernment, I have decided to leave both choirs that I sang with last season. I needed a break, I was ready for bigger choral challenges in my life.

Thus said, after a successful audition, I am proud to say that I am now a member of the Cantata Singers of Ottawa, directed by Michael Zaugg.

I have wanted to be a member of the Cantata Singers for a number of years now. I first worked with Michael Zaugg in 2006 when I was a member of the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir under the direction of Barbara Clark. Our two choirs were going to sing Navidad Nuestra together later on that season, so Michael workshopped with us throughout the weekend.

We were mesmerized by Michael’s professionalism, his musical crafting, as well his conducting style. In return, he said that we were like sponges.

We are now working on preparing our first concert of the year, entitled Totentanz. It will feature repertoire by Tavener, Whitacre, Daley, Mendelssohn, and others. In fact, we even have to memorize one of the songs. I haven’t memorized a choral piece in years! This is going to be fun!

I look forward to be sharing with you my choral experience with the Cantata Singers!


This Choral season, I’ll also be sharing with you other Choral news, here and elsewhere.

Choral news (for the moment):

The Ottawa Regional Youth Choir is proud to welcome Marg Stubington as its new Music Director.

The Ottawa Choral Society is proud to welcome Jordan de Souza as its new Music Director.

The Capital Chamber Choir is proud to welcome Jamie Loback as its new Music Director.

Musica Ebraïca is proud to welcome Norman E. Brown as its new Music Director.

The Stairwell Carollers are releasing a new CD.

The Harmonia Choir of Ottawa is celebrating its 10th anniversary this season. Congratulations!

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